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✅ FREE BONUS: Black Tourmaline lava emf pendant - IMPROVES YOUR WELL-BEING just by wearing or carrying this pendant with powerful grounding stone. Useful against harmful EMF radiation coming from all EMF devices. Provides a connection between Earth and the Human Spirit.

✅ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We Love Our Customers! If For Any Reason You’re Unhappy With Our Products, We’ll Provide A Full Refund.

✅ 4 in 1 ADJUSTABLE WELL-BEING BOOSTER: 1000-1500 Negative Ions, 99.99% Germanium, Far Infrared Ray And Neodymium Magnet 1000-1200 Gauss. Reduces The Damaging Effects Of Stress And Increases Mental Performance. EMF Protection From Bad Radiation And Other Negative Energies

✅ SAFE FOR CONTINUOUS WEARING: With Unipolar Neodymium Magnets Emitting 1000-1200 Gauss Is Ideal And Safe For Continuous Wearing And To Restore The Body’s Own Biofield. Wearing Quanthor Bracelet Is A Non-Invasive Way Of Applying Beneficial Magnetic Fields To The Body.

✅ ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AND NATURAL ENERGIES COMBINED: - 99.99% Germanium Components - Stimulates The Immune System, Helps The Body To Fight Disease. Immune System Rejuvenator. Increases Blood Circulation.

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