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✅WHY US : Unlike other bracelets on the market that use weak magnets or break easily, we have spent months in polishing the best 18 STRONGEST magnetic bracelet (2500 Gauss Each) handcrafted for the highest quality and a STRONGER CLASP for safety. FREE GIFT our black stone TOURMALINE NECKLACE (VALUE 24!) to bring extra negative ions to a healthier you! Enjoy magnetic therapy in an energy bracelet for joint pain relief and more!

✅LIVE YOUR LIFE MORE ENERGIZED: Keep your bloodstream fluid with the negative ion generator as an EMF protection shield: our black tourmaline crystal necklace (EMF emitters, pollution, cigarettes, etc cause red blood cells to pile up). Separation of cells allows them to pick up more oxygen and release MORE ENERGY! Our energy bracelet for men and women is the solution for pain therapy and carpal tunnel relief. Excellent yoga bracelets for women and men!

✅STAY STYLISH BUT HAPPIER: Our copper bracelet for arthritis' design will fit our modern life! Discreet, yet eye-catching no one would suspect it's a magnetic therapy bracelet. This cooper jewelry will worth the money! Our magnetic bracelets for arthritis and pain relief therapy provide better sleep and wellbeing and are considered to be great HEALING BRACELETS for men or women.

✅PERFECT SIZE, FINISH AND FIT: (7.9inch/0.4inch/0.08lb.) We considered most activities when it comes to the design and utility of this balance bracelet. So whether you like sports, or you work a lot on the computer and you need a carpal tunnel relief, or you are just looking for rheumatoid arthritis relief therapy, you've found your magnetic therapy bracelet! FREE Size Adjusting TOOL Included!

✅ WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS: Need our help or just want to get to know us just? Drop us a line DIRECTLY from your order page and we'll be with you 24/7. QuanThor is a company for people and we take great pride in that! We stand by our products fully confident with a FULL REFUND POLICY and a 5-YEARS WARRANTY! Click add to cart NOW completely RISK-FREE!

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